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Handbag Making Class    

Tue 8pm - 10pm

Cardholder Making Class    

Thu 8pm - 10pm

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Online Cardholder
Making Class
Duration: 2 hrs
From this class, you will design a cardholder, and be introduced to basic leather making tools. You will learn how to construct a cardholder, and use techniques, such as saddle-stitching, sanding, and edge-painting. 
hand-make your own luxury bags👜💼 _atel
Online Handbag
Making Class
  4 Sessions $475
12 Sessions $1375
60 Sessions $667
Duration: 2 hrs

(Please refer to the curriculum page.)


Want to design and create your own leather goods? Handmake your own luxury leather products through our Handbag Making Class. We will cover all basic skills for handbag design, pattern making, and technical skills, including cutting, bonding, edge-painting. Saddle stitching and the usage of high-end leather materials will be instructed.

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